The Phillip Long Story: To the Girl Who Loved Me

The next chapter in this story is a very sensitive one.  There is someone who may stumble across it someday. I must write something personal to her if she happens to pass this way.

I have only talked to you twice in forty years and the conversations totaled less than 100 words.

Forty years ago you sent me love letters every day while I was in San Diego . . . each one smelled of your perfume and was sealed with a kiss.  Before I joined the Navy we had made plans to wed.  You were one of virtue and a woman any man would be proud to call his wife.  You fell in love with a man who was born under a wandering star and the forces of the universe tore us apart before our dreams were fulfilled.

Be grateful for our demise.  I have seen your accomplishments and witnessed the impact you have had on many others. Even from a distance and after so many years it has made me proud to see you  in newspapers, on the cover of magazines and on television. I know I would have held you back from your destiny.

I would rather you never see this, but if you should I do not ask for forgiveness.  I only want you to know I know how much you loved me and cared for me and though my actions did not reflect it . . . I also loved and cared for you very much.

I never deserved you and you deserved so much more.

’till . . .


The Phillip Long Story: Buddies Until Abandoned

  1. The Graduate was Hot! KOMA was King!
  2. In the Navy – We Want You as a New Recruit
  3. Basic Training – First Abandonment
  4. To the Girl Who Loved Me  <- You are Here
  5. A Cantina in Mexico – Second Abandonment
  6. Vanished In Tijuana – Fear and Panic
  7. Phillip Needs Help – We Can’t Tell the Truth
  8. Thanksgiving Day – A Time for Healing
  9. The Captain’s Mast of Seaman Apprentice Webster
  10. Conclusion – Too Much Living to Do



About Marvin David Webster

I am an American. I was Born Under a Wanderin' Star. Since 2010 I have called the Philippines home.
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