When He Comes in the Midst of the Storm

Above is a video captured during super typhoon Ruby on December 7, 2014.  The person who shot the video claims it is authentic.  Others say it is a hoax.

A UFO is reportedly flying around in the midst of a super storm. Regardless of the validity of the UFO, it is only a small part of an amazing supernatural event that happened that day.

Over a million people had been evacuated from 160 kilometers of Philippines coastlines.  It was the largest evacuation in Philippines history.

In metro Manila 12 million people were on alert and waiting the arrival of a direct hit from Ruby.  More than 25 million people (about 1/4 of the Philippines population) were in the projected direct path.  We were being told to prepare for major flooding, loss of electricity, and structural damage from winds gusting to more than 200 mph.

People rushed to stock up on food leaving the shelves of some grocery stores virtually bare.  People who had AM radios were buying plenty of backup batteries in case radio was the only way to hear vital communications.  Some media outlets were projecting a catastrophic outcome.

Ruby made landfall and did significant damage early on and over 100 people were killed. Then something supernatural happened.  The eye slowed to a pace of only a few miles per hour and began to calm down.  Within 12 hours Ruby had dropped from a category 5 super typhoon to a category 2 storm.

Ruby then veered left and avoided a direct hit on the most populated area of the Philippines, metro Manila,  where 12 million people were on alert.  The storm’s new path went over Occidental Mindoro . . . about 100 miles south of Manila.

By the time it arrived in Occidental Mindoro Ruby was only a mild tropical storm with winds averaging 30 mph or less.  The projected heavy rainfall ended up being a couple of inches at most.  Desiree Masagca lives in Occidental Mindoro and captured this amazing picture of Ruby passing over.

When He Comes in the Midst of the Storm

When He Comes in the Midst of the Storm

“When the storm gets so rough . . . Jesus says that’s enough. When He comes in the midst of the storm.” – Vern Jackson

So what does all of this have to do with supernatural?

Let’s assume the UFO is a hoax.  I always assume everything I read on the internet is false unless proven. (Where “Fake News” Comes From – The Art of Bull Shit)  If a hoax the video becomes pointless, but the supernatural event still occurred.

I offer my supernatural explanation.

All over the world souls were praying for God to spare the Philippines.  Millions of Filipinos were calling on God to “Please spare us another tragedy.”

I think if the UFO was not a hoax God may have sent down an angel.  The angel could have checked things out and speedily reported back to God.

Regardless of what the UFO was, within moments a super typhoon began to stop as if by command.  Of all the models the weather forecasters were looking at . . . stopping was not among them.  I believe what happened with typhoon Ruby was a miracle from a supernatural God.

The UFO may have been an angel.  Perhaps not. Only God knows (and the perpetrator if it was a hoax). Regardless, it does not matter.

Thank you God for calming the storm.  Thank you for sparing this humble country I have grown to love from another devastating tragedy.

About Marvin David Webster

I am an American. I was Born Under a Wanderin' Star. Since 2010 I have called the Philippines home.
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2 Responses to When He Comes in the Midst of the Storm

  1. Thank you very much to posted my picture that i captured during the storm “Ruby” and i do appreciated that you mentioned my name in your news feed. 🙂


    • You are welcome, Desiree. From the day you sent me this picture in December I have always appreciated the majestic story it reveals. It deserves more recognition than it has received. I am glad to do my small part.


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