When I graduated from Pampa High School in 1969 I began a life of twists and turns that many have said was a life without direction.

Perhaps, but I prefer to think I was simply born under a wanderin’ star.  The stories you will find here are my recollect of things and places I wandered.

My life was influenced by a storyteller named Harry Chapin who was killed in 1982. I have lived out in my own personal way many of the stories Chapin told in his songs. His most famous song “Taxi” was part of a saga and my be heard at the bottom of this page along with “Sequel” which was a continuation of “Taxi” ten years later.

Other Chapin ballads that had immense impact on my life included “Cats in the Cradle” and “WOLD”. Both songs have less than happy endings. I lived out the stories in almost all of Chapin’s songs . . . never on purpose . . . simply by destiny.

My passion is communication. Whether over a microphone, person to person, the written words of a story, or as a group presenter . . . I love to take people with me on my journeys.

When reflecting on the twists and turns of life . . . especially as someone born under a wanderin’ star . . . I think about Chapin, and the song Sequel:

“It’s the sequel to our story
About our journey between heaven and hell.
Half the time thinking about what might have been.
Half thinking just as well.
I guess only time will tell.”

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  1. Harry Mr Hoyler says:

    David, good afternoon from Harry Hoyler, KSZN. I was looking at information on the Harvester page and wanted to see if I could contact you.

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