The Phillip Long Story

Phillip Long

Phillip Arnold Long
1969 Senior Class President
Pampa High School

I can see myself it’s a golden sunrise
Young boy open up your eyes
It’s supposed to be your day.
Now off you go horizon bound
And you won’t stop until you’ve found
Your own kind of way.
And the wind will whip your tousled hair,
The sun, the rain, the sweet despair,
Great tales of love and strife.
And somewhere on your path to glory
You will write your story of a life. – Harry Chapin

The Phillip Long Story: Buddies Until Abandoned

  1. Begin Here ->  The Graduate was Hot! KOMA was King!
  2. In the Navy – We Want You as a New Recruit
  3. Basic Training – First Abandonment
  4. To the Girl Who Loved Me
  5. A Cantina in Mexico – Second Abandonment
  6. Vanished In Tijuana – Fear and Panic
  7. Phillip Needs Help – We Can’t Tell the Truth
  8. Thanksgiving Day – A Time for Healing
  9. The Captain’s Mast of Seaman Apprentice Webster
  10. Conclusion – Too Much Living to Do

Philip Long with date, Jan Autry, in 1967 or 1968.

Phillip Long

Phillip Long
The Quarterback 

3 Responses to The Phillip Long Story

  1. Ed Townsend says:

    David ,i have read again,,it is so sad…….


  2. Gidget says:

    Knew him since he was a very young boy. He had a great personality and always was funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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